Kevin McDermott

Promotional Videos

Wheels Of Wonder 1989

Healing At The Harbour - 1989

Day In A Goldmine - 1994

Bedazzled - The Movie

Movie Trailer

Part Two

Other Videos

Independence Day on the Tube 1986

Angel Live at the Usher Hall

Wise To The Fade Era

Are We Having A Good Time Yet?

Watching Cartoons From the Herald Videos

Prize Winners from Wise To The Fade competition

Where We Were Meant To Be - 1989

Suffocation Blues - 1990

Part One

What Comes To Pass - Filmed in Central Park for Rich Hall's Onion Show

Mother Nature's Kitchen on TV programme Stairway To Paradise

Kevin McDermott Returns

Whistle Stop Tour of Beanscene Scotland

Kevin McDermott at Hampden Park