Kevin McDermott

Glasgow Gig


With the festive season nearly upon us what better way to celebrate than a Kevin McDermott show.


The Admiral in Glasgow is the venue and December 13th is the date. Get your tickets from here


New Album Release - Well Kind Of


Stripped Back was released as the album Are We Having A Good Time Yet? which was included as a bonus copy with initial copies of Wise To The Fade. This is the first time it has been commercially available. As the title suggests this is Kevin playing some classic KMO songs solo with occasional piano and percussion. Get your copy by clicking on the link below.



Raffle Prize


Earlier this year Caroline Donnelly won the raffle prize of a house gig by Kevin McDermott. A great time was had by all and we've decided to offer the prize once again. Any item bought in the Kevin McDermott shop will receive a signed raffle card and be entered into a prize draw to take place some time in the New Year. So the more items you buy the more chance you have of winning like Caroline did. Good luck